Warrior's Heart

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A new home. A new life. To have both, she must outlast
a bitter storm.
Once Chris fought for her country. Now she's fighting
for her faith. And she's about to fight for her life.
This is no mere storm. It's a deluge of catastrophic
proportions. Swollen by record rains and a ten-inch
snowmelt, the Willamette River is hammering Portland,
Oregon, with the flood of the century.
In Chris McIntyre's heart, a different kind of flood---a
rising torrent of emotions---threatens to sweep her away
from the community of Kimberly Square. Her newfound
faith keeps her from running. But how can she stay? Her
push-the-limits personality may have made her a perfect
soldier, but it sets her apart from the people at her
church. And it sets her at odds with Scott Mathis, the
husband of her closest friend, Erin. Fearing for Erin's
safety, Scott resents his wife's high-risk friendship with
But when Scott and Chris are forced together to help
Kimberly Square residents ride out the storm, a different,
equally lethal danger descends on them. Death or
redemption rest in the hands of one person---a woman with a warrior's heart.
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