We Are Their Voices - Remembering Our Murdered Loved Ones

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Can a parent ever truly recover from the loss of a child? What if this child was forcibly taken away from you? How can these parents and families find resolution knowing that these loved ones were victims of violent crime?
In the American justice system, the prosecuted are allowed to speak in their own defense, but the murdered victims have no one to speak for them. The only time the courts hear from the victim’s side is from a letter written by the victim’s parents. When do these silenced voices get a chance to speak?
Patricia Goebel explains that We Are Their Voices. Whether it’s contacting the prosecutor’s office for news, holding candlelight vigils and attending grief counseling sessions or contributing to causes in their honor. There is no one else and no one better qualified to be the voice of their loved ones.
This heart-rending compilation gives firsthand accounts from loved ones of homicide victims. Some of these victims were innocent bystanders, while the reason for others’ murders will never be known for certain. These parents share their experiences with overcoming their grief while attempting to explain the flaws in the justice system with regard to homicide cases.
“We Are Their Voices should be mandatory reading for every law student, prosecutor, and judge.”
-Rich Pompelio, Executive Director of New Jersey Crime Victims Law Center
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