What Business Are You In?

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What Business Are You In?
This Harvard Business Review (HBR) article focuses on Ted Levitt’s classic question, What Business Are You In? and what are you doing about it?
He provides the classic example of why the Canadian railroads succeeded in the mid-20th century while the American ones faltered. The Canadians identified their business as transportation unlike the Americans who narrowly focused on being railroads. Therefore, the Canadians expanded into air and bus travel, as well as hotels and resorts for people to stay at on their trips. The Americans stayed focused on their railroads, missed these other opportunities, and saw much of their base business wither away.
This audiobook includes six best selling articles by HBS professor Ted Levitt: Marketing Myopia, After the Sale is Over, Marketing Success through Differentiation of Anything, Production Line Approach to Service, The Globalization Approach to Markets, and Creativity is not Enough.

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