What is the Relationship Between Attention And Lack of Attention? - Saanen 1974 - Public Discussion 4

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"What is the relationship between attention and lack of attention? - 3 August 1974
• We are educated to follow, accept and conform. This is tradition, second-hand.
• When you become aware of conformity without reaction is that awareness the
act of intelligence?
• Does the mind realize the nature of conformity, intelligence and awareness?
• I am attentive for a minute and there is no border, no time, no ‘me’, no
problem. The whole energy is involved in that attention. This is a tremendous
• Attending, I can do things without effort and thought.
• The mind gets tired and moves to inattention. In that state of inattention
action goes on and must be conditioning.
• There is attention the moment the mind is aware that it is inattentive."
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