What's a Girl to Do? - A Mother and Daughter's Guide for Life

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Whats a girl to dowhen life is coming hard and fast and she feels as though she has no one to turn to? Whats a girl to dowhen she feels as though she is the only one who is doing right? A heartfelt insight into the lives of mother and daughters by K.D. Lee, Whats a Girl to Do? provides answers for young women in any walk of life. The world has set clever traps for daughters to fall prey. Many young women can prevail over these perils and even avoid them by fighting hand-in-hand with the guidance and wisdom of good parenting. Mothers who strive to build a firm foundation set in what is good and right will equip their daughters with the answers they need for the trials of everyday life. Whats A Girl to Do? She is to enlist her inherent trait of resilience and transcend against all adversity! This book is an eLIVE book, meaning each printed copy contains a special code redeemable for the free download of the audiobook version of the book.
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