When Mountains Walked

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Acclaimed author Kate Wheeler collected numerous awards for her short stories before making a splash with this atmospheric first novel. It tells the parallel tales of two women who, suffocating in oppressive marriages, travel to faraway lands and are drawn to the intensity of forbidden love. Maggie Goodwin and her husband travel deep into the heart of Peru to establish a health clinic. They enlist the help of political revolutionary Vicente Cruz after determining that the owners of a gold mine are poisoning the local water supply. But Maggie is drawn to Vicente's idealism and begins a love affair that mirrors the romance her grandmother had years earlier. As Maggie follows her heart, she faces many of the same obstacles and momentous decisions her grandmother encountered. As an experienced travel writer, Wheeler colorfully infuses her prose with evocative descriptions of exotic locales. Suzanne Toren's powerful narration ensures that When Mountains Walked will resonate long after the final word.
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