When Religion Isn't Enough - Embracing the Gift of Relationship

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If you go to church and feel the same when you go out as you did when you went in, something is missing. That something may be relationship. So ...
• If you do not understand the difference between religion and relationship
• If your church experience leaves you feeling dissatisfied and empty
• If you are not sure whether or not you have a relationship with God
• If you want to have a relationship with God and don't know how
• If you have a relationship with God and want it to be deeper
• If any of this is tugging at your insides or raising your eyebrows or quickening your pulse
...this book is for you.
Mary was raised in a very rigid, works-oriented religion which left her feeling afraid of God and not good enough for him. God, however, came after her and grabbed hold of her as an adult. During her ensuing faith journey she learned that many of the things she had been taught about him as she was growing up were simply not true. She learned that rather than giving people a set of rules and expectations, God is continually inviting people to enter into a personal relationship with him. When she said Yes! to that relationship she experienced an inner peace and joy unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She earnestly desires others to realize that When Religion Isn't Enough, saying Yes! to God's invitation will pave the way for them to experience that same peace and joy.
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