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Markets go up; markets go down. Yet over the long haul, stocks still are better investments than bonds. If you're investing for retirement, your children's education, or simply for personal gain, the challenge is to become a long-term investor amid short-term market fluctuations. And the key to lasting success is identifying future trends today to maximize tomorrow's investment returns.
Dr. Bob Froehlich, Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Strategist of Scudder Investments and one of the most trusted advisors in the financial community, shares his vast knowledge of the global economic landscape to provide you with a practical guide to finding tomorrow's financial opportunities today. According to Froehlich, spotting broad economic themes allows you to identify sectors that are poised for growth in the next decade and beyond. In Where the Money Is, he identifies five dominant global trends that will shape the long-term direction of the financial markets:
Demographic trends around the world
The globalization of economies and markets
The technology revolution and higher productivity
The worldwide shift toward government downsizing and privatization
Mergers and acquisitions and their effects on the size, shape, and form of companies
By identifying themes that will drive the market and the specific industries likely to benefit as well as providing tools such as Sectornomics, a strategy of investing in sectors rather than individual companies, Where the Money Is gives investors every chance to conquer the uneven investment terrain. Froehlich gives you the vision to see what tomorrow will bring so that you can find where the money is today and where it will be in the future.
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