Who Killed Mom - A Delinquent Son's Meditation on Family, Mortality, and Very Tacky Candles

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Chosen as a Globe 100 Best Book of the year in 2011!
One of Canada's funniest writers tackles his mother's life and death in a profound, entertaining story.
Memoir, biography, and outrageous comedy make for a perfect blend in the debut book from acclaimed writer Steve Burgess. Telling the tale of his mother’s life and death, and along the way laying bare his own struggles, Burgess delivers a moving meditation on life and family.
The author’s mother, Joan, barely survived her thirteenth birthday: a rare disorder had made it almost impossible for her to swallow food. Her battle to survive this illness was the first in a lifelong struggle with the demons of her upbringing. As she raised her five children, of whom the author is the youngest, Joan revealed herself to be a strong and remarkably complex woman. This is the story of her family: Joan herself, her husband-a charming United Church minister-and
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