Why Do We Want to Dominate Or Be Subservient to Another? - Ojai 1949 - Public Talk 11

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"Why do we want to dominate or be subservient to another? - 20 August 1949
• Why is it that we dominate, consciously or unconsciously?
• To submit oneself to another is the negative form of domination. We shall not
be able to solve this problem by thinking in terms of opposites.
• Is not domination a process of isolation, which denies relationship?
• Can there be relationship between two people if there is any sense of
domination or submissiveness?
• Q: Is not the experience of the past a help towards freedom and right action in
the present?
• Q: Is my believing in survival after death a hindrance to liberation through self-
• Q: Why is it certain individuals identify themselves with you or with your state
of being and thereby gain authority for themselves?"
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