Why God's Children Suffer - Solutions to Today's Problems

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Author James Bevis examines these questions at their core and then begins the ascent to solutions. Starting with the origin of troubles, readers examine who they are, why they are in this world, their place in this world, their rights, responsibilities, and abilities to lead a successful life. With God's Word as the ultimate guide, James Bevis directs readers in the examination of their place in the lives of others. - Learn how to shed failures and inabilities. - Learn the goodness of God and what God has given to you. - Learn that God has made solemn obligations to you, obligations that cannot be taken away. - Find that you are not alone but that you can know the love of a wonderful God Who never turns away from you. Through several of the author's personal experiences and in-depth Scripture study, it is easy to see that a mighty God is concerned with everything that occurs in your life. Join the journey to spiritual freedom as Why God's Children Suffer dispels some popular myths about God's Word and today's Christian walk.
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