Why Marry?

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Why Marry? is a comedy, which "tells the truth about marriage". We find a family in the throes of proving the morality of marriage to a New Age Woman. Can the family defend marriage to this self-supporting girl? Will she be convinced that marriage is the ultimate sacredness of a relationship or will she hold to her perception that marriage is the basis of separating two lovers.Cast:Elizabeth Klett
Elizabeth Klett
Diana Majlinger
Arielle Lipshaw
REX, an unmarried neighbor, who has not been brought up to be anything but rich - John FrickerKatine
UNCLE EVERETT, a Judge, who belongs to the older generation and yet understands the new—and believes in divorce - Algy PugSamanem
JOHN, who owns the house and almost every one in it—and does not believe in divorce - Marty KrisAvaille
ERNEST, a scientist, who believes in neither divorce nor marriage but makes a great discovery - Matthew ReeceDavid Lawrence
Audio edited by Linette Geisel
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