Willie of Bennington Abbey

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Reginald will not take kindly to being outsmarted by a couple of kids,' stated Brother Andrew. The reminder that Lord Reginald was coming in just six days sent chills up and down Willie's back. How on God's green earth would the abbey defend itself against an army?

So begins the exciting tale of Willie of Bennington Abbey. Follow along as Abbott Francis and Brother Andrew enlist the help of young mischievous Willie, the lovely Portia and a cast of colorful characters to protect the abbey against the greedy Lord Reginald. Author Rachelle Cox vividly portrays the world of thirteenth-century England, a time and place where power and land are up for grabs, and nothing is sacred-not even Bennington Abbey.
Rachelle Cox has been an elementary teacher for many years in both Connecticut and Florida. She has a husband and two children and loves to sing in her church choir and go to the beach. She says, 'When I was a child, my favorite books were adventure stories. My imagination could always take me to new places whenever I read something good. As a writer, I want my work to be fun to read. If it's a little educational too, that's even better.' She hopes you'll enjoy reading Willie of Bennington Abbey. It's full of surprises-and lots of fun!
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