Wine on the Run - The Simplest Guide to Good Wine & More!

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Wine on the Run: The Simplest Guide to Great Wine
This is the simplest guide to great wine. The objective is to have you focus on what you like, have fun, learn the basics, and saves tons of money by buying good wine at bargain prices. The audio book starts off by emphasizing how you will save anxiety, time, and trouble too. The mystery is taken out of what wines to choose, how to do so simply on your own and at restaurants, while saving money at the same time. And, when necessary, how to impress those you wish to do so with. The audio book briefly addresses the history of wine in the US that led to all of the anxiety and issues that the Europeans don't have and how you can sidestep those problems. The most important practical section shows you how to create your short list of types of wine to select from, brands and price points within those that will work for you. There are brief tracks on the appropriate way to open bottles as well as an extensive section on core knowledge of wines: the basic 12 varieties and road map addressing each one and the types within each variety. How to deal with the so called experts, the value plateaus in wines, and a brief summary about how to stay focused on enjoying wine not being anxious about it.
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