Work, Death and Sickness

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Leo Tolstoy was one of the most famous Russian writers and thinkers esteemed as one of the greatest writers in the world.In the legend "Work, Death, and Sickness" Leo Tolstoy speculates on the problem of people's happiness. South American Indians believed, that God made men so that they don't need to work. But people were not happy, they had quarreled with each other. To bring them together, God made it impossible for people to live without working. They must build houses, and grow plants, to not suffer from cold and hunger. But people lived worse than before.They worked not all together, but in groups. And every group struggled against other groups. Then God decided to make so that people didn't know when they would die. They should not spoil the time of life in struggles.But it remained as bad as before. The strongest submited those who were weaker. How did this story end?Get acquainted with the legend "Work, Death, and Sickness", to know it!
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