Wyatt's Gold

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On a mission to solve a 43-year-old mystery for the sheriff's department in Bisbee, Arizona, the author recalls his family's past treasure seeking ventures. He visits the property where some old human remains were found buried in jars. He recalls where the idea had come from of a buried treasure on the property where he was born. His research takes him back to the 1860s, to the adventures and perils of his grandfather, John Henry Hughes, and his great-grandfather, Jesse. They find a treasure and then lose it to three thieves. John Henry makes a lasting promise to find a treasure for his father. While looking for a treasure in Kansas, he meets Wyatt Earp. Wyatt tells him where he can find four treasures in Arizona. John Henry moves to Bisbee, and buys the O.K. Livery business. He finds the Wells Fargo strongbox that contained the loot stolen off the 1882 Bisbee stage in a cave under the stables. Later that night, he ends up in a hangman's noose.
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