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Yoga Without Attitude is the fourth title in the Simply Health series, following Sleep Habits for Good Health, 95 Habits of Healthy People, and Food Plan for Life: No More Diets. Simply works to liberate yoga from being held a cultural hostage to a sociopolitical agenda. How to do it? Just exercise for good health with the poses and exercises developed in Asia and the US over the last several hundreds of years. What to do first? Get started on day one, whether 1 minute or 10. Yoga participation, at any level, short or long, leads to 12 benefits: 9 physical and 3 mental. The author's approach is to make this simple, easy, doable, and not daunting--so you won't quit as so many of us do when the strain or pain gets too much for one. The author details the 5 types of exercises: standing (10), seated (7), resting (8), back bends (5), and balancing (4). The key is to integrate your exercises with your food and sleep plan to live a healthier life. Keywords: yoga, poses, standing, seated, balancing, resting, back bends, exercise, weight loss.
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