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Do you know who you are and why you are here on the earth, as a mortal, for this given period of time?
Did you know that you are the energy force called spirit life that joined up with a form of chemical life?
Do you know how and why your part called spirit life steers the flesh house, which is chemical life, into all varieties of environments and from those chosen environments comes a form of force with eternal substance that makes you, You. Author George Barton will show you how these earthly exposures become a part of You and will continually affect only your existence.
Read about chemical life compared to spirit life and discover fulfillment that can be enjoyed during this mortal life with no regrets. For with you in charge, no longer do you have to be a victim of circumstances.
You the mortal was written with the hope and prayer that whosoever reads this on-going story will give serious thought to who they are and why they are here. Because each and every spirit life will exist somewhere for eternity after being released from their chemical body.
The decision you make today about this book will affect your life today and years to come. You may or may not be able to correct the past for the better, but you will be exposed to a simple method for improving your life the rest of this day and days to come.
So, this day, will you take charge of your life and prove to yourself that you are a winner?
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