Below are step by step instructions for our AIR API set up that were verified by the technical support for each software solution listed. For more specific help, please contact the company’s support directly.

Arctic Palm (CSRDS)

  • In their CSRDS Module, select properties from the tools menu and select the HD / IP OUTPUT TAB
  • Enter the TuneIn station ID without the S in the TuneIn area
  • Enter the TuneIn partner key in the username area under the TuneIn ID
  • Enter the partner ID in the password area under the username
  • Click OK AND F5-Start


Arrakis has created a separate app that handles the delivery of our AIR API, which can be found here:


Instructions for setting up can be found here:



  • Enter your station ID, partner ID & partner Key into the NOW PLAYING settings within DARP NG Monitor
  • Enable the TUNEIN uploader
  • Watch for the confirmation in the log window
  • DARP NG monitor will then upload the data when a song change is detected


  • Open Broadcast Settings
  • Look to the bottom of the page and check ‘Enable TuneIN AIR API’
  • In the three text boxes below enter ‘Station ID’, ‘Partner ID’, and ‘Partner Key’, Mousing over the boxes tooltip will let you know which textbox field to enter


  • Go to the add output button on the main OCP window
  • Select “TuneIn” for the output type
  • Three windows will then appear, asking the user to enter the TuneIn partner ID, partner Key and station ID


  • Click Settings -> Options
  • Select “Log files/Reports” section
  • You’ll see the “HTTP Request” feature at the bottom, enable it, and in the URL field, enter this string:


Remember to replace the <id>, <key> and <stationid> with the appropriate values. This includes the preliminary ‘s’ in front of the station ID. Also note that Your title and artist information should be set to be updated by your broadcast software in correspondence with the song currently playing.


In the Now Playing options / Stream Metadata tab, copy/paste the following into a spare URL field, and click the checkbox:

  • In Radiologik DJ menu, open the preferences
  • Choose the Publishing Pane
  • Click the Authorize button by the TuneIn checkbox
  • Enter your API credentials
  • Click the checkbox for TuneIn to enable publishing to TuneIn


  • Select View from the menu bar
  • Select Options
  • In the Options pop up window, select Now Playing
  • Select the Metadata tab
  • Under "Output to DSP Encoder", make sure the Enabled box is checked
  • Under "Output via HTTP request", make sure one of the URL numbered boxes is checked and select "TuneIn" in the corresponding dropdown menu
  • Once this has been done, the TuneIn Stream Server will pop up. Enter the API information that TuneIn has provided you (Station ID, Partner ID, and Partner Key)
  • Click the OK button and close the options pop up window