15 Minute Drama: An Everyday Story of Afghan Folk

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Shopkeeper Sardar Aka's older wife, Gulnara, hears some news which gives her good reason to be jealous of his new young wife. Meanwhile, in the house of the village warlord, the young, widowed Kashmala reveals to her mother-in-law that she is harbouring a secret and dangerous ambition.

A slice of daily village life from the wild, mountainous Pak-Afghan borders - where the only law is tribal law and there is no road, no electricity and no phone, but hi-tech drones fly overhead.

An Everyday Story of Afghan Folk is based on characters and storylines from PACT Radio's daily soap, made by and for the Pashtun people of this untamed area.

Based on a PACT Radio production led by John Butt
Written and directed in the UK by Liz Rigbey
Sound design by David Chilton
Music by Olivia Thomas

Executive Producer: John Dryden
Producer: Anne-Marie Cole
An Above the Title production for BBC Radio 4.

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