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Anne and Sandra have a mission to create romance in the world, every day! It’s a tall order when most men are struggling to “up their game” to meet someone or keep the romance alive with their spouse/long-term partner. Sandra and Anne give their listeners the necessary tools to succeed, ideally creating a romantically enlightened audience, adept at meeting new partners and the art of romance.

Whether the goal is dating, finding a new mate or improving a current relationship, 2 Hearts will enable listeners to experience the relationships they desire.

Dating is confusing these days. The rules keep changing, and it’s no wonder men don’t know what to do. Sandra and Anne provide the translation guide, and bridge the ever-complicated communication gap between men and women. With a fun and relevant approach to listeners’ daily lives, Sandra and Anne’s interplay, and stories of their own dating exploits define the heart of the show.

They speak the truth and never hold back. With an extensive dating and marriage history, they’ve been in the highs and lows of relationships and the dating scene.

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