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Monday, August 31 at 3am

Family Radio - Radio 316

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The show dubbed ‘316 HITS' is all you have been yearning for over a long time. This show is coming packed with good news for all those who are looking for jobs. If you are one of them you better stay tuned; you never know, this could just be your moment. The show has different segments that defy the hustles of life and brighten your mid-morning. The show will give you a reason to smile – all day long. One of the segments on this show features exclusive interviews with some of your favorite gospel musicians whose songs have topped Radio 316 requests. There is also a job corner, live request of some of your favorite jams etc. The show takes into account the fact that there are millions of people out there seriously (even desperately) hunting for jobs. It also caters for those that are heartbroken or depressed and need someone to talk to.
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