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Ever get a phone call from a telemarketer during dinner? Know what it feels like to have someone jump into your joke with the punch-line? Ever have someone answer their mobile phone in the middle of your presentation? Dubai 92 is tired of interruptions! We’re fighting back with 92 minutes of back-to-back music with ZERO commercial interruptions. Starting at 2pm Sun-Thursday, immediately following the news/sport/ weather bulletin enjoy nothing but music. Imagine, no commercial ad-breaks, no presenter talking, just the latest hits playing. Phones, e-mail alerts, chatty co-workers, feral cats—the list of daily interruptions is almost endless. And once interrupted, recent studies have found that it is very difficult to get back on task. So turn down the volume on interruptions in your life and turn up Dubai 92. They didn’t think we’d do it. Like Dr. Evil, they said “zip it!” But we did it anyway!
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