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A New Day provides hours of your favorite Christian music along with encouraging devotionals and timely verses from God's Word.

As you listen to the soothing music and inspiring scripture, you'll be reminded that God's mercy is new every morning!
Jeff married his wife, Lisa, in 1992 and in 1994 went into the sales market for a few years. "I had the chance to stay in Christian broadcasting in 1994, but God allowed me to follow my own path for a few years. I have learned now, as I look back, He was giving me a test…I made money my god during that time." Jeff soon began to pray that God would be gracious to him and take him out of the secular marketplace and move back into ministry. Jeff joined the KCBI family December 2002.
Jeff’s heart for ministry goes beyond the airwaves and into the hearts of youth. He has taught the youth at church since the mid 1980’s and has also served as youth pastor at various times. "The call to reach out to people has never left me," says Jeff. In radio Jeff sees the music and teaching as a vital ministry outlet. "I have seen over the years how God reaches people that think they have no hope…until they hear a certain song, or hear a certain teaching program…and it is then, they learn God truly does care."

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