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Agents Influence is a platform where everyone in the independent insurance industry, whether it be agent, agency owner, agency employee, insurance company employee, industry professional or the like can have a say and a voice in the biggest issues affecting the industry today. Every month we will go through a four week process where a new topic is introduced and presented to the community. A conversation will take place between Jason and the community to work through how it is effecting the industry and what can possibly be done to solve the issue.

Our Process:

First a new topic is introduced by video. We will cover some of the most controversial topics in the industry such as commissions and pay structure. After viewing we ask that you provide your thoughts and honest feedback on the topics

Second the conversation will revolved around a series of podcasts that talk about the best comments that were received that month, which is judged by how others rate the comments with thumbs up and thumbs down. Again, more comments are needed after podcasts are released.

Third we do a google broadcast with the people who had the best comments of the month. This is where the real magic and change can happen. Openly discussing the biggest issues with people from all over the industry is how we can move it forward.

Fourth we release an article with one of the most highly respected industry magazines on the topic we covered. This will continue to get your voice out into the industry and create opportunities to make the industry better.
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