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Monday, April 21 at 8am

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Morning is a unique time of day. For some it’s when they feel the brightest, most well rested and down right perky, for others it’s more a case of slowly wiping away the haze of sleep as you ease on into your day. Whatever your unique disposition, Alberta Morning may just be the perfect elixir to get your weekday off to a great start!
Tony King takes over the controls of the good ship CKUA Monday through Friday mornings from six to nine. His mission - to deliver the perfect musical cocktail by blending an engaging mix of sweet and savoury sounds that will have your ears hungering for more and your mind wondering what could be around the next corner. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary pop, delta blues, jazz, folk, or country music, Tony deftly creates an eclectic mix of music weekday mornings that may just serve as the perfect soundtrack for your life.

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