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Season 2, Episode 3: Song, Doorway


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Archive 81 ​is a serial radio horror drama exploring the supernatural and gentrification in the big city through a found-­footage format. Set in the greater New York City area, the show’s time period alternates between the present day and the mid­-nineties.
The show follows protagonist Dan, a solitary archivist who works at a remote facility where he has been tasked with cataloging hundreds of hours of old audio tape. Dan’s employer is the City of New York’s Housing Historical Society… or so he thinks.
Many of the recorded tapes appear to consist of old interviews between a social worker named Melody Pendrass and the residents of a mysterious apartment tower block known as The Visser Building. It’s not clear what Melody’s looking for in her interviews, but the more tenants she talks to, the creepier things get.
As Dan probes deeper into the tapes and the mysterious origins of the Visser building, Melody’s story starts to reveal unsettling facts about the archive, his employers, and even the nature of the physical world we live in.
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