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TNK: 23 – Tangent Bound – The horrors of indie creation


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Astro Radio Z, is a online radio show promoting independent horror and all things underground, weird, bizarre, taboo and on the fringe. Former guests include Lloyd Kaufman, Tiffany Shepis, Walter Koenig, Leslie Easterbrook, Erika Elaniak, David Hess, Frank Henenlotter, Ted V Mikels, HG Lewis, Bill Levery from Firehouse and more. Wednesday nights at 10pm Central on the Fear Cast Network. The show is also available on ITunes anytime. Your host Derrick Carey (Swamphead, Screaming in High Heels, Safe Inside) is joined by various filmmakers, and occasionally former host Cory J Udler (Incest Death Squad Series, Mediatrx), to discuss everything the underground has to offer.
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