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ATC87: An Odyssey Discussion & Interview with Actress and Lamplighter Guild Attendee, Abigail Bourne


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JD, Roy and Andrew are all huge audio drama fans and have been for many years. Adventures in Odyssey was one of the first radio dramas that they ever experienced and they were hooked from then on. Focus on the Family Radio Theatre came along several years after AIO, and this series was also a huge hit. More recently, Lamplighter Theatre has been introduced to listeners around the world and the guys were instant fans.

In terms of acting, production, sound design, …well frankly, in all points, JD, Roy and Andrew feel that these three drama series are the most superb dramas currently being produced. Therefore, the Audio Theatre Central podcast will primarily focus on Lamplighter Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey and Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, but will also introduce and discuss other productions that the guys feel would be of interest to listeners.

On this audio drama fan podcast you will hear the following regarding what we’ll call the “Top 3”:

· Commentary and reviews on recent episodes
· Exclusive interviews with cast and crew
· Behind the scenes info
· News on forthcoming releases
· Any other tidbits that the guys can find

Additionally, the podcast will offer information regarding any other audio dramas that are family friendly and have reasonably good quality in acting and production. Their purpose is to stimulate conversation/discussion among fans of the “Top 3” and to give them a more in-depth look into the production of these great shows and have a great time while doing it. If you love good audio drama then Audio Theatre Central, the premiere audio drama fan podcast, is for you!
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