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Banana Records is a hybrid project, both webradio and
website for cultural news. Our mission is to throw an eye on every artistic
stuff that lies out there in the terrestrial world. An eye, not newborn,
not ageing, just an eye-of-the-moment. You will not find a race for the
brand-new on Banana Records. We chose everything. It is about what moves
us, let it be the last must-hear track or the experimental movie that no
one will watch until the end. On Banana Records, we favour encounters, and
the unexpected ones. Being on the lookout for the best new acts doesn't
only require an internet connexion. Now, it's your turn to be creative and
send us your projects. Musician, video-director, plastic artist, don't need
to be known or signed to be gifted. The best Banana of the web, come over
here and listen to it grow. Life is a Banana, peel it!

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