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Being A Better Man is a program primarily for men, focused on the character of men. The whole idea is to identify those things about us that could use improvement...and improve them, thereby becoming better men today, than we were yesterday. This is the journey and vision of Alf Herigstad, founder and host of Being A Better Man. It is a journey he hopes to inspire other men to join him on. The regular episode will be released every Monday. It will be a mix of solo episodes and interviews with relevant guests. On Wednesdays Alf will share a true story from his strange and interesting life, and then discuss the moral of the story, or lesson learned. Fridays are Free For All Fridays, a short episode where Alf will discuss things that are time sensitive, answer listener questions, share new idea\\\'s and revelations. Every episode produced here at Being A Better man will be aligned and relevant to the mission of the show, so now prepare to have your thoughts provoked...your ego challenged...and your character tested.
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