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We are The Attic. We are a metaphor for a perception of a place
people think they know. They see this place to be old, dusty and
unoriginal. This is how they see radio, but we are changing the

We are turning this old, dusty and unoriginal place into a sweet as
hang out pad, a place to escape the real world and discover new and
exciting things. The Attic is the place to go and catch up with friends,
enjoy sophisticated chat and appreciate some wicked and under
played tunes of the modern age.

The Attic is the place to be to find out where all the happenings
are and get the low down on all of the cool gigs around the city of
Christchurch. We are unmatched and unrivaled not only in innovation, but in music, commercials and content too. Anyone can hang out at The
Attic, no hate, no restraints, just fun, love and some sick melodies. We
are The Attic.
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