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China Radio International (CRI), 中国国际广播电台

English Channel

CRI in English ( 88.0FM, 88.7 FM, 91.5 FM, 846 AM, 1008 AM)

The CRI English channels that can be heard online are:
Pete and Leon in the Morning is an English radio airing in Canberra 6-8am weekdays.
Round the Clock ( Internet only)
News Center ( 846 AM in Beijing)
Hit FM ( 88.7 FM in Beijing( 24H All Day),88.5 FM in Guangzhou( 06:00—21:00 Beijing Time) )
Easy FM (91.5 FM in Beijing(24H All Day),87.9 FM in Shanghai( Shanghai Edition)( 24H All Day),98.5 FM in Lanzhou)
Language Studio ( 1008 AM in Beijing) - a one hour program that teaches English for someone who only knows Mandarin (not to be confused with Chinese Studio). The program will sound like a kindergarten English lesson in the USA using very simple sentences (e.g. Mary goes to the bank).
CRI 91.9 FM (Kenya 91.9 FM).
Chinese Studio is a 5 minute segment that follows most CRI English programs
China Drive is an English radio show about life in China
CRI FM 102 in Sri Lanka in Sinhala, Tamil, English and Chinese (05:30—19:30 Sri Lanka Time)
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