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210: Larry H. Russell | NBA Draft Lottery w/ Sam Vecenie | Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers Eastern Conference Finals


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The best Boston Celtics podcast on the web, Celtics Beat is released every Sunday, 52 weeks of the year - with no exceptions. Host Larry H. Russell provides some of the most insightful analysis on all things Boston Celtics and the NBA. And no other podcast covering the Celtics on the web delivers some of the most well-known and respected personalities both in and outside the NBA as Celtics Beat does. And oh yeah, it's all in 60 minutes. New episodes are available for download every Sunday at iTunes and Stitcher. Episodes are also available OnDemand at http://www.clnsradio.com and the CLNS Radio Mobile App. For inquiries into the Celtics Beat podcast, e-mail Executive Producer Larry H. Russell at larryrussell86@gmail.com
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