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CPC 005 – Handling Price Objections


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Company Profit Club aims to help Small to Medium sized businesses get great quality customers through accurate targeting and better sales techniques. We will show you why quality of customers is far more important than quantity of customers; after all, you can have 1000's of customers on your database but only have 100 or so that actually pay you sensible money that provides you with plenty of profit! We aim to help you get more quality customers that actually respect you and your work and want to pay you decent money for your labour. At CPC we focus on PROFIT, because way too many SME’s get their numbers wrong and end up selling their goods or services for much less than they should be. The great news is that with just a few simple tweaks most SME's could charge far more if they learned a few simple tricks and tips for sales and marketing their goods and services properly, target the customers that want to pay you decent money for your services and script a great selling proposition that really puts price in its place. This podcast will help you get great sales and marketing results for PROFIT! At CPC, PROFIT IS NOT A DIRTY WORD.
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