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From the Tesco Clubcard to the Large Hadron Collider, from the analysis of Premiership football to the instant monitoring of commodity prices, from Google to the NHS - these days they all generate data, huge quantities of it.

It's now commonplace to talk of the 'data deluge' or the 'data avalanche' - but perhaps a better metaphor is one now adopted by some, 'data obesity'. The greatest intellectual challenge faced by many organisations today is how not to be overwhelmed by data, and instead how to isolate and select and analyse the data that matters from the useless mass that surrounds it.

Future intellectual history may well regard the period we're in now as the data decade. Timandra Harkness explores the challenges and the opportunities through talking to those in various fields who are struggling practically with these issues and working out how to succeed in tackling them.

Producer: Martin Rosenbaum.

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