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WE dedicate our programing to a new generation of latin culture from around the world who listen to merengue , hip hop ,bachata , house, salsa , Reggae , Poplatino ,Dembow , Reggaeton and Club classics. we have REAL DJ mixing live every day , a few Music Video DeeJays and great talk jockeys to please a world wide audience with the best music in the world. Check us out @ www.718.fm

Dedicamos nuestra programacion a la nueva generacion de Latinos de toda parte del planeta que escuchan merengue , hip hop ,bachata , house, salsa , Reggae , Pop latino ,Dembow , Reggaeton y clasicos electronicos. Tenemos verdadero DeeJays que mezclan envivo todo los dias de la semana, unos cuantos DeeJays de Videos Musicales y Locutores comediantes. Comparte con nosotros en nuestra pagina web @ www.809.fm
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