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We proudly introduce to you the next movement in music. DrankEpidemic.com and Drank Epidemic Radio. We are a Texas based internet radio station, with a dedicated website. Our focus is to provide “Texas Hip Hop” with the voice it has been missing for 25 years. The culture of Texas Hip Hop is diverse and dynamic, but for too long our sound has been regionalized, today we go viral. There is a vast amount of talent in Texas, which has not been tapped into. We have positioned ourselves to bridge the gap between the Texas Hip Hop Scene, and the world.

Our website will be flush with media in all forms: videos, movies, documentaries, music, models, concerts, festivals, and all things that represent the culture of the Texas Hip Hop scene.

The radio station is the foundation of our movement. This is where you can hear all types of Texas Hip Hop and especially those artists that are grinding and doing whatever it takes to get out their dreams.
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