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Tuesday, February 3 at 9pm


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After almost 20 years in the "so late it's actually early" freeform overnight timeslot, host Dennis Stone brings The Dream Clinic to an evening audience.
If you are tuning in for the first time I'd like to ask you to try The Dream Clinic out for three or four weekly episodes to get the full effect. For many years I have brought to the airwaves one of the most diverse playlists imaginable... music from a timespan of almost four decades... music from every continent on this Earth.

Music ranging from psychedelic to the blues to progressive rock to folk to good old hard and heavy rock! For the lack of a better description... you might call this show, "the soundtrack of my long ago wild and wicked youth!!" You could hear music from a rare 1968 LP... or music recorded one month ago by a band playing in the style of "my generation."

I'm Dennis Stone inviting you to take a chance on The Dream Clinic.. you won't be disappointed!
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