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The Dusk Spot Radio Network is fueled by rising, professional entertainment
social network, DuskSpot.com and three very diverse shows in it's lineup.
The network's success has reached more than 4 million listeners worldwide
and featured channel status on Blogtalkradio.com. The shows included are
"Life After Dusk Live" on Mondays and Wednesdays, "Glitz And Glamour" on
Tuesdays, and "Real Spill Radio" on Thursdays.
The Dusk Spot Radio Radio Network is sure to connect with many of it's 18
- 40, male and female demographics greatly, due to each show giving their
raw, uncut, unapologetic commentary every episode, while connecting each
listener with the great stories that are shared from each individual that
stops by to be interviewed. Ceddy J is extremely excited to allow the brand
to expand more and continue to "Bring Light To The STARS of Tomorrow" who
are often overshadowed by some of their celebrity counterparts.
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