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This is ELECTION, the weekly Cambridge politics podcast, which tackles the biggest questions from new angles. Last season it asked the questions no-one else did in the run up to the UK's General Election: in Season II, it's going international. From January until April, ELECTION will look at the US Presidential election and other elections around the world, exploring the current state of democracy and the many challenges it faces in 2016. It will continue to take the temperature of British politics, after last year's remarkable election and the even more remarkable events that followed. Can Corbyn hold the Labour Party together? Will Britain be leaving the EU? Where is opposition to the government going to come from? With David Runciman, Helen Thompson, Finbarr Livesey and Chris Brooke, plus new voices and a new series of guests, ELECTION promises insights from the worlds of science, history, philosophy and beyond. A new episode every Thursday morning: please join us for the most interesting politics conversation out there. More information at http://www.cam.ac.uk/election
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