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The EPIC thought of the day podcast is for busy business professionals whose role it is, to talk about their business. Each 2 minute episode introduces a thought, insight, principle or challenge designed to encourage, inspire and motivate you based on the ethos of the EPIC Presenters mindset. Which is to Engage, Persuade, Impact and Compel your audience to take action as a result of your communication. In business every communication is a presentation and every presentation has just one objective - to influence decision. That's what an EPIC presenter does and that's what EPIC Presenting teaches you to do. Your host, Eugene Moreau is a Cert. Master Coach, author and creator of both "The 13 Box Presentation System" and "EPIC Presenters, Masters of Influence" training programs. He has coached and trained over 10,000 people in 8 countries in art and skills of presentation mastery, discovery and pitch strategies. For more information visit www.epicpresenter.com or eugenemoreau.com
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