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Emily was born amongst the tumble weeds of Oklahoma City way back in 1985. Looking back, 1985 was a very important year. New Coke debuted and fizzled out, Roger Moore stepped down as 007 and The Boss was owning the music scene…and then there was Emily.

Music was always prevalent in young Emily’s life. Her pops played tunes on his git fiddle to get the young rebel to snooze. What tunes you ask? Well none other than Peter, Paul and Mary’s ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. Emily’s mother played the piano and pipe organ though much to her chagrin, she could never convince her to give “Inna-Gadda- DaVida” a try within church walls. Growing up with musically minded parents, Emily took lessons in piano and violin. Realizing she could never achieve the fiddle success of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” she found herself selling mix tapes out of her locker in her teens. Hugely influenced by The Clash, she named her late cat ‘Strummer”. Though saddened by his death, she vowed to continue bringing rock and roll to the masses. A few short years later she talked her way into a job with the Zew and has been rocking out Mobile ever since.

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