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Welcome all to FMR internet radio! After three years of hard work and dedication, it is now time to step off of one platform and on to another. I have worked for three different stations and have created quite a following of listeners as well as other dedicated presenters. At this time we have decided to broaden our horizon and create an internet radio station located in the United States yet dedicated to the world.

Our eclectic genres includes but are not limited to Oldies, Rock, Disco, Country, Comedy, Today's Top 40 and promoting new and upcoming artists on the Indie scene. We love and encourage requests, dedications, live calls via Skype, participating in the shoutbox, or just kicking back and listening. Whichever you choose, this station is dedicated to bringing you the best music of generations past and future, while responding to your ideas and thoughts.

In closing, welcome to Ft. Myers Radio where the sun, sand, and sea meet, and the music brings it all together.
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