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Feast and Ming have been doing radio since the beginning of time. After Ming was shot down in North Vietnam during a pleasure cruise and Feast came across the broken human being in a coffee shop singing for his supper. Having an eye for worthless antiques and a penchant for all things crap, Feast decided to take it on the road and after many many years of touring decided to hang up his bowling shoes, that’s what brought him and his partner in crime to San Francisco. When not torturing crowds in their metal punk outfit United Knife they can be heard on FCC Free pricking up the ears on unknowing audiences with their brash and witty brand of humor. Teamed together with Bay Area ex-patriots Bruce and Watsy they’ve carved out a niche in the infomation super highway. Come join our anti-heroes as they rewrite radio history or at least wipe up shit with what’s already been written.

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