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    GOD Speaks plays primarily praise/worship music but mixes short audio teachings with classical and a wide range of styles of Christian music from 70's, 80's, 90's, and beyond. All Listeners enjoy a free premium 96kbps stereo MP3 live stream. Live song requests, dedications, and a growing search able play list with over 5,000 songs can be found at this website.

    The Personal Touch:

    GOD Speaks is run by people, not a machine. When you listen, you're hearing hand-picked music that will help you discover GOD’S glory & get closer to Jesus at the same time & reunite with HIM there.

    Mission’s Statement:

    God’s support in us through the Internet Radio Station provides
    listener awareness of God’s Presence; acquainting them fundamentally through The Gospel music genre , all styles of Christian music, with His love
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