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A little over 100 years after the death of a Scottish soldier, Gillean Grinn explores the effects that WWI had on a Hebridean community. Simon MacQuarrie was amongst the first of 149 North Uist men lost in action in the Great War, Simon MacQuarrie was interred in a small garden cemetery in Poperinge, Belgium, a scant 20km from where he was fatally injured near Ypres.

The celebrated poet, Dòmhnall Ruadh Chorùna served with him in the 1st Bn Cameron Highlanders and composed the Gaelic elegy to the fallen, "Dh'fhalbh na Gillean Grinn," a harrowing account of their part in what is now known as the First Battle of Ypres. Gillean Grinn examines how Hebridean communities suffered for decades afterwards.

Simon MacQuarrie's story is the catalyst for how war affected and shaped North Uist and serves as our access point to a wider story.
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