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Chef Josie is a classically trained bohemian chef, soulful global adventurist, TV and radio personality, entrepreneurial freedom fighter, former women’s pro football player, social activist and lifestyle ambassador. She has spent the past decade rocking the New York City food scene. Working under renowned chefs Wylie Dufresne, Jean-Georges Vongrichten, Caroline Fidanza and Walter Hinds to name a few. Named the Global Soul Chef, Josie perfectly balances the soulfulness of different cultures and cuisines with impressive techniques and authenticity you can taste. Featured on Bravo’s, Top Chef, this culinary adventurer continues to travel the globe. She is trading stories and admits as each culture wins her over “there is definitely an exchange” she truly connects with “the people” and her genuine smile, good food and infectious laugh continue to warm the hearts of everyone she meets. This outspoken chef leads the movement by defining the “SOUL” in each culture she visits through food and music. She’ll take you deep, beyond the surface and put your finger on the pulse. It’s a pretty natural place for this South Florida native claiming her hometown is responsible for provoking the global flavors featured in many of her dishes. Chef Josie’s Global Soul Kitchen is more than just food-It’s a lifestyle and culture combined. Welcome to a more eco-conscious, earth friendly and soulful place. Tune in on Tuesday nights from 8-10pm at FCCFREERADIO while Chef Josie talks about food, music, global culture and all things SOULFUL! ”Eat Well. Live Happy”
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