Grit Rock with D-Selector

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Grit Rock with Darren Selector. Northwest indie, psych, and dj culture with a Tacoma focus.
Grit Rock is a choir of angels singing to the drone of the cosmic background. It can be heard from Oregon’s furthest Cascade peaks, the Yellowstone of Idaho, the British Columbian tundra, and the coastal mountains of our urban centers. Grit City, Tacoma is the epicenter of the earth shaking sounds we’ll be feeling during our program on Northwest Convergence Zone Radio.
Independence is a defining characteristic of the people who traveled far to call the Pacific Northwest their home. The many voices sing of their unique journeys and collectively we celebrate their songs as our own. I am pleased to share with you a treasured musical collection. Explore the sounds traversing our neighbors’ airspace: Grit Rock.
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