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Tuesday, April 28 at 1am


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Hip Hop Flavors is the best damn hip hop show period. Oh you didn't know???

Hosted by DJ lazy alongside B.C. & Nilla, it's an outlet for the oldest of the old and the newest of the new and everything in between in Hip Hop Culture. The three-hour mix features new, cutting edge, indy/underground hip hop that can't be found anywhere else on the dial.

Flavors also provides an outlet for the many talented local artists throughout Tampa Bay and the rest of Florida, often giving artists their first exposure on the air. You can also count on hearing from some of your favorite (or soon to be favorite artists) who call in to chat. Past interviews have included Zion I, The Jungle Brothers, Humpty Hump, Buckshot, E-Swift, Sole, Deepspace 5, WeeBeeFoolish, Hangar 18, Aceyalone, Afu Ra, Grouch & Eligh, Pigeon John, Astract Rude, and many others. All this is mixed together with a healthy dose of humor, turntable trickery and opinionated rants. Come listen to the show and see why it really is, "the best damn hip hop show period."

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